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Glower Hair Care has been Singapore’s home of natural hair and scalp treatments for over 35 years, but did you know that we’ve also been part of the Ashley & Martin Medical Group for over 10 years?

So whether you’re looking for a medical treatment option, backed by Doctors, or a herbal treatment option, utilising traditional Chinese and European herbs, you’ve come to the right place.

Start your treatment today with a FREE CONSULTATION, and let Glower Hair Care provide you with the complete picture.

Hair & Scalp Problems

Glower offers a treatment regime that maximises the health and well being of your hair and scalp.

Hair Loss Treatment

Glower provides Singapore’s very best hair loss treatment for both women and men suffering a hair loss condition.

Hair Systems

Glower Hair Care use some of the finest natural hair systems available today to create a totally natural look.

Tailored treatment programs for individuals for a range of hair and scalp issues, by combining premium Chinese and European Herbs with natural treatments.

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* There is no scientific proof that any product (except certain registered medicinal products) or service can retard hair loss or promote hair growth.